Service Level Agreement

Our agreement and commitment to providing the best hosting on the market.

Service Level Agreement - Last Modified 01/05/2018


PrimeNodes values performance, security, uptime, and stability for all services offered and provides a 100% uptime guarantee for network and power availability via this agreement known as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). PrimeNodes understands the importance of your services being online accessible 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. This agreement is offered to you in the condition of your acceptance of the Terms of Service.

Packet Loss

PrimeNodes guarantees to operate networks in all global locations which do not cause higher than 0.2% average packet loss between the datacentre's border router and the node which your service is located, with no more than 0.5ms of jitter being created by our networking equipment. If you are experiencing more than 0.5% packet loss, you are required to notify the PrimeNodes technical support team, whereby a network engineer will perform all actions necessary to determine and eliminate the source of the added latency. Packet loss isn’t monitored actively by PrimeNodes, so all reports are required to be submitted by you to inform our support staff.

Hardware Replacement

If a node is subject to a rare hardware fault or failure, PrimeNodes guarantees that substitution of the faulty component will be sourced and installed within twenty-four (24) hours from the time that a Senior Technician has officially diagnosed the problem as being caused by faulty equipment.

Node Availability

PrimeNodes guarantees that the node your service operates from will remain accessible 99.99% of the time. For hardware maintenance or in the event a technician needs to perform modifications, patches or alterations to your system to ensure stability, a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours notice will be issued to you. For emergency maintenance or critical security patches, a minimum of one (1) hour notice will be published.

Claiming SLA Credits

PrimeNodes requires the primary owner of a service affected to make contact with the PrimeNodes Administration Team within 48 hours of the infraction; these requests may only be submitted through the ticket system on the PrimeNodes client area, NOT through emails. Credits will then be applied to the affected account with 24 hours of the ticket resolution. Please do not assume that PrimeNodes are aware of any outages or availability issues; outages may be entirely unrelated to networks or hardware operated by PrimeNodes, requiring you to inform us immediately of any problem you face. Node Availability infraction credits are calculated using a time-based formula dependent on the time which the service was affected, (Total Monthly Service Cost)/(24x31). Credit for service setup times is added to the full installation cost. SLA Exceptions PrimeNodes is unable to enforce this SLA during scheduled maintenance or DDoS attacks under any circumstance. This only applies to customers with services on a node with scheduled maintenance or under a DDoS attack.


We're proud of our support team, and can guarantee a 6 business hour ticket response time to all requests submitted!

SLA Terms

The SLA is offered by PrimeNodes to its direct customers only and is not liable for downtime caused by a reseller of its services. SLA credits are applied in the form of account credit for use in future billing cycles or new orders only, are not transferable in any way and have no monetary value. Any Customer accounts not in good standing on payments or has an active account limitation is not eligible for SLA credit. If a customer has been out of good standing on payments three times or more times within 12 months prior or has had more than two account limitations within that period, is not eligible for SLA credits. Suspended or terminated servers do not qualify for SLA credit. SLA credits may not be stacked, i.e. claiming SLA credit on both uplink downtime, as well as power downtime during the same incident. All SLA claims must be made via support ticket to the Sales department within seven (7) days of a confirmed outage, as confirmed by PrimeNodes, by the primary account holder and will be issued as account credits. Balance credits may take up to 15 days to authorise, process and be applied to the customer’s billing account. An outage caused by a software related problem, OS reload, or OS networking configuration problem is not ineligible for SLA credits. Furthermore, scheduled maintenance of network or hardware is not eligible. Any failure outside of the PrimeNodes network itself, including bandwidth carrier outages, do not qualify for SLA credit. Acts of God, including weather, natural disaster, or any other disaster outside of the control of PrimeNodes are not acceptable reasons to claim for SLA credit.

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