London Colocation

Affordable DDoS protected London colocation.

London, UK

Docklands Data Centre Limited (DDCL)

Colocation services located in the heart of London and connected to a fantastic premium network! PrimeNodes operate from a premium tier 2/3 data center in the heart of the London Docklands operated by DDCL to deliver services with premium low-latency global connectivity.

Designed at its core to be efficient and fully redundant, featuring four days of emergency fuel storage on site, a fully protected network shielded by Corero DDoS Mitigation appliances and direct dark fibre connections to Equinix LD8 and Telehouse North.

Server Security

Hardened Physical Security

Multi-level 24/7 security steps prevent unauthorised access to your data and hardware physically, keeping them safe!

Redundant Infra

Redundant Infrastructure

N+1 UPS infrastructure, backup generators, chillers and A+B power feeds for full redundancy of operation.

London Location

Prime Data Center Location

The superb location of London Docklands provides excellent coverage to users throughout the Europe.