London Colocation

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DDoS Protected London Colocation

Colocation services located in the heart of London and connected to a fantastic premium network!

Corero DDoS Mitigation

PrimeNodes operates a network protected by Corero Network Security, with SmartWall appliances in place to filter out DDoS attacks of up to 140Gbps. This prevents disruptions while an attack is occurring and ensures that real traffic can still get to your services.

Stunning Global Network

We operate a fantastic ultra-low-latency global network powered by a premium blend of Tier 1 carriers including Telia, Tinet and GTT to provide amazing worldwide connectivity. With extensive peering arrangements, we're able to offer excellent transatlantic connectivity.

Hardened Physical Security

Multi-level strict security steps prevent unauthorised access to your data and server physically, keeping it safe 24/7.

Redundant Infrastructure

N+1 UPS infrastructure, backup generators, chillers and A+B power feeds for full redundancy of operation.

Prime Datacenter Location

Located within London Docklands, the superb location provides excellent coverage to users throughout the UK and Europe.