i7 8700K VPS

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Included Features

All included as standard. No per-feature upgrade purchases or plans.

KVM Based Infrastructure

All servers we operate run on KVM virtualisation, offering excellent raw power to ensure that your server is operating at peak performance at all times of the day.

Simple Virtualizor Interface

Total control over your virtual private server through a simplistic feature rich control interface powered by Virtualizor to allow you to administer your server with ease.

Dependable DDoS Protection

Corero Always-On DDoS mitigation shielding your VPS 24/7 from malicious attacks instantly without any connection drop.

Premium Bandwidth

Utilising multiple premium providers, including Internap, your VPS will benefit from fantastic global low-latency connectivity.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

High uptime guarantee to ensure that your VPS will be online and available all day and night without fail.

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